• Discover the common causes or flare ups that could be triggering your baby 
  • How to relieve the pain and itchy irritability your baby is experiencing effectively 
  • How to manage an elimination diet and discovering common food triggers specific to eczema and atopic dermatitis 
  • Learn quick dietary and supplementary wins that will strengthen your child’s skin immunity and why you have to try them 
  • Find out about common household irritants and their easy replacers
  • Discover the affordable natural skin creams, laundry powders, soups and linens that will prevent flare ups 
  • Avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls most mums make unknowingly when it comes to skin rashes and eczema 
  • Learn how to maintain your baby’s healthy glowing skin and know how to combat flare up’s if they arise 


If you’re struggling seeing your baby in discomfort and you’re not getting the results you’ve been craving, despite everything you’re doing then DON’T miss this amazing interview.

Is your baby struggling with eczema or common skin rashes like nappy rash, facial rashes and cradle cap?

In this video, you’ll learn WHY your baby has these issues and the BEST way to manage them through Ali’s and Lakyn’s eczema journey. You’ll also get answers to some of your burning (excuse the pun) questions:

"Sharon thanks so much for your fabulous support of women everywhere, wherever they may be on their parenting and dieting journeys! I just wanted to give you some positive feedback and say THANK YOU for your allergy-friendly meal plan and the webinar interview. The timing was perfect because my bub’s skin was getting worse not better with over a month of cortisone cream (eek!)"

"So the very next day after the webinar I started on probiotics and a dairy-free diet…Here we are day six and Esther’s skin is almost perfect. I’ve been following your dairy-free meal plan (which is a massive achievement for me!) and I made your chia pudding recipe and am feeling super proud. Thank you for being so free and open with your help and support. I was always so skeptical but now I am convinced…and as I said to my friend, “I’ve only just gone and made chia f*cking pudding.” Ha! Emily Wailes, Esther’s mum

"Sharon makes cooking so simple and fun, yet so gourmet and healthy! She is overflowing with knowledge and wisdom when it comes to nutrition and I find myself hanging on to everything she says, experimenting with her recipes and trying new products she has recommended. All of her recipes are allergy friendly, and being on the GAPs protocol myself, her recipes have helped me tremendously, as finding foods I can eat, is rather difficult." Hayley Webb

"Sharon just inspires action and has made a huge impact on my journey as a new mum and to our family. Listening to her talk and following her health strategies has improved the health and wellbeing of my whole family. I’ve made many of her recipes and everyone loves them. Not only are they healthy, they taste amazing. Best of all they’re so easy and practical to make. When you feel so much better it’s easy to stay on track and keep motivated – so much so I’ve developed a new found passion for cooking. I love her energy and passion. Sharon – thank you for everything!" Nicole Lehmann, Lionel’s mum

"Sharon is so inspiring and informative – her talk was exactly what I had hoped for. We identified numerous ways to incorporate healthy habits into our busy lives. It definitely gave us a lot of ‘food for thought’ and practical tips that we could use straight away. We are now all better equipped and inspired to improve our health and our habits." Dionne Taylor, mum of two


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